Most Wanted Component Editor's Choice! The Duevel Jupiter Loudspeaker
I have only recently taken possession of the Duevel Jupiter loudspeaker, but it didnít take long for me too know that it was something special. The Jupiter is the bumblebee of high-end loud speakers. By its looks, there is no way it can work! But work it does. Capable of truly full-range transparency, the Duevelís horn-loaded omni-directional implementation of its drivers and multi-corner ported enclosure presents the music with extremely pure, uncolored delicacy and true harmonic color. Dynamics are very satisfying from low-level right up through the bombastic. This is one of those rare speakers that bridge the gap between detail and musicality. Despite my enormous room being not quite the best match for the Jupiter (as there are no side-walls to provide re-enforcement), it impressed me non-the less. Seek them out and real music could be yours [Greg Petan].