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ULTRA AUDIO -- Archived Article


December 15, 2003

Duevel Venus Loudspeakers

Given a choice between a product of exceptional merit and one of magic, Iíll take magic every time. While one can admire, appreciate, and respect an exceptional product, a magical one touches the soul. The Duevel Venus loudspeaker is neither perfect nor exceptional, but it is magical.

... A great deal of technological sophistication and craftsmanship are apparent in every pair of Duevel loudspeakers.


Beyond the Venusesí incredible spatial properties, which were so extraordinary that I couldnít help but take notice of them every time I played music, their most striking feature was their refinement. This was an extremely nuanced and subtle speaker that simply sounded right. The music was always proper and well-mannered, never stuffy or smug.


The midrange was simply captivating -- I donít know that I have heard a more natural one. In this area, even the mighty Maggies didnít surpass the Duevels. ...


The Duevels revealed a consistent dynamic character. The dynamics of the midrange, where so many planars and electrostatics fall short, were not only very good, but completely of a piece with the dynamics of the bottom end. All of this contributed to the speakerís incredible naturalness and coherence.


If you like music and you have an open mind, you may well fall in love with the Duevel Venus. It makes music -- not only in a way that will seduce the music lover, but also in ways that can please more than a handful of them, at the same time and in the same room. How does it do that? As the man said, "Itís magic."

ÖJules Coleman

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