Shuttle Disk

In the beginning, when CD playback was presented to music lovers, this remarkable new medium was hailed as "perfect sound forever". Quite obviously we now know that the purveyors of early digital music players were widely off target in taking advantage of the new source. Modern technology has now allowed us to reach for this ultimate goal and the Shuttle Disk takes us there! How did we do it?

As with the Shuttle integrated amplifier, the Shuttle Disk is housed in a beautifully crafted chassis with a stunning yet simple face reminiscent of the Shuttle itself; an ensemble to behold! Internally, four discrete power supplies control the unit in order to eliminate any interference between the different digital and analog circuitry. A powerful battery completely isolates the player from all spurious AC problems, and feeds perfect DC to the individual power supplies. This results in a very quiet player allowing the music to emerge from a velvet black background, completely unscathed.

Inside the top line Philips transport mechanism, there is a distinctive glow. The compact disc is bathed in a specifically colored green LED. One function of one power supply keeps that LED at a constant color temperature and luminous intensity, which is directly proportional and opposite in wavelength to that of the red laser beams. Any refracted laser light is invisible to the pick-up, for the two colors functionally annihilate each other save for the direct focus of the beam, which is optically isolated! This results in a player, which is highly accurate to the original source!

Only the best internal parts and shortest possible signal path are involved. Remote control comes standard.

Shuttle Disk

What does all this add up to? An extremely quiet, dynamic and accurate CD Player! Digital music free of AC power corruption and free of abrasive digital artifacts. In other words, pure music, immediate, alive, detailed and emotionally engaging. Powerful "foundation" bass frequencies, a crystalline midrange, clear articulate and soaring highs. A "must hear" digital source component for the discerning music enthusiast!

Technical data:

Size - weight : 45,5 x 34,0 x 11,3 - 7 kg.
Power consumption : 10W / 230 VAC
Frequency range : 2 Hz - 20 KHz -0.2 dB / 47 kΩ
THD : 0.08%
Signal to noise ratio : 100 dB - A-weighted
Output level : 1,8 Vrms
Output impedance : 470Ω

put Shuttle and Shuttle Disk on top of each other and you will prick up your ears: