Our new Sirius BE

with beryllium driver
and solid acrylic horns

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 April 2016: Sirius review, Audio, South Korea
 Jan. 2016: Bella Luna review, Hifi-Test, Germany

Now we have optimized our Bella Luna regarding the horn geometry.
Additional the horns are available in various solid woods:

Video: Bella Luna Horn
3D CNC milling
 Jan. 2015: Sirius review, Hifi-Test, Germany
 Dec. 2014: Planets review, Audio, Germany
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 Jun. 2014: Planets review, Audio, South Korea
Best Value 2014
Best Value 2014
Audio Art - Taiwan

Norddeutsche Hifi Tage - Hamburg 2014: - Best of Show -

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Klangbilder 2
  Audiophile CD
  Martin Vatter - Klangbilder 2
October 2011 - Tokyo High End Show
with Tim de Paravicini / EAR Yoshino

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September 2010 - New Planets:
We improved the Planets with new woofers which have a diaphragm
made of Kevlar, die-cast basket and a more powerful magnet.
Now the Planets sound stronger
and more detailed than the old ones.
Obviously we had to adapt the cabinet
and the x-over design.  
Sirius - Stereoplay
January 2010
Sirius review in the German audio magazine stereoplay
"Outstandig Popularity Floorstanding Speaker - Excellence"
le salon de haute fidélité 2009, Paris

We exhibit:

17.-18. October 2009
l'hôtel Marriott, au 17 boulevard Saint-Jacques
Guangzhou - AV-Fair 2008 - 28.-30.Nov Guangzhou - AV-Fair 2008 - 28.-30.Nov 
Salon Haute Fidelite 2008
Oktober '08 - Salon Haute Fidelite 2008 - Paris
Planets ballholder
October '08 - Planets: new ballholders

September 2008:
Planets cover-story in Audio
South Korea

May-June 2008:
'Bella Luna' review in Prestige-Audio


Our new flagship speaker!

High End 2008 Munich
April 24th - 27th, 2008

Festival Son et Image à Montreal
April 4th - 6th, 2008

Our Planets are one of

'The World's 15 Sexiest Speakers Put Your Girlfriend to Shame'

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