About us

What moves a man?

Is it the discontentment with the status quo or the drive for perfection and greatest satisfaction of our needs … and the love for music, voices, instruments and to those belonging emotions and associations? Why do you turn your back on the “well proven” system and decide to walk a completely different way?

After building directly radiating loudspeakers, first without and lateron with horns, for over twenty years, we reached the point aiming to lift the music reproduction to the next level. The discontentment grew and with it the readyness to try omnidirectional loudspeakers. The thought of constructing the horns radial radiating was born and, surely, the first tries were pitiful. But using powerful drivers and up- and downwards directed horns and playing them through a specifically designed hornerection without the extreme focus of the horn and the faintness of radial radiating systems showed a huge potential. Years of hard hearingwork to give the concept the deserved entry followed.
The choice for drivers soon restricted on professional material and the design of the crossover only admitted a special Duevel two-way crossover. The omnidirectional horndesign follows different laws than the direct one which forced us to a certain point to do fundamental research. The year of 1997 the first prototype of a radial radiating hornloudspeaker stood in front of us, the “Jupiter”.

After managing most of the developmentary work concerning the x-over, the optimal bend of the horn and the cabineterection the loudspeaker models “Bella Luna” 1998 and “Venus” 2000 followed.
To take the new generation of neodym speakers into account we had to rework the Jupiter fundamentally. A new design, carefully matched speakers and specially developed cross-overs feature our latest and highest quality product, the “Sirius”.
But we are never really done with our loudspeakers, the developmentary work and the finish touches to the fine tuning, trying new drivers etc. always continues.

Being producers of “Omnies” we definitely have to fight against hard prejudices against this concept or against horns but also have the opinion that good music reproduction should not only be available for those with a big purse, we developed the “Planets” 2006. Reasonable-priced, floorstanding, omnidirectional speakers, which radiate a full and pleasant sound everywhere although made with simple means.

Many more models and ideas are already thought of and will be brought to life by us with a lot of passion, leisure, the pedantic search for the perfect “goosebumbs” sound and last but not least

…the love for music.

Markus + Anette Duevel Markus + Anette Duevel
Photo: Jens Wendroth