The Shuttle… only the beginning…

The very name conjures up images of mankind's continued goal of technological advancement, the desire to dream of what things may be possible. In the field of musical reproduction, we pose a question… Why do tubes and transistors sound different? If one were to build the ultimate playback system, the methods of amplification should not be identifiable. As we reach for the pinnacle in solid state or tube design, each approach targets the same logical end; the true to life experience of live, accurate, musical reproduction in your home. The Shuttle will take you there.

The concept behind the creation is simplicity in construction and purity of sound. Internal circuitry is short and directly to the point. There is no remote control here, no fancy light parade for the eyes. Only the sound of open, detailed and pure music…



All electronics, including RCA phono sockets, input
selector and volume control are placed on a single
"double sided" circuit board. The result of which is our
ability to use fewer parts and hook-up wire in the signal path.

The state of the art MM / MC phono stage is placed on a separate circuit board.
Digital inputs include a specially designed with optional 800-Ohm load to best
accommodate the typical output impedance characteristics of digital sources
marketed today.
Our result is an integrated amplifier with the extraordinary ability to offer
the listener a simple and dramatic component, damped on a wood and
rubber base, which we challenge you to identify as tube or solid state.
We're not telling…

Technical data:

Size - weight : 45,5 x 34,0 x 11,3 - 13 kg.
Rating : (220V AC) 2 x 70W / 8Ohm , 2 x 110W / 4Ohm
THD : < 0,12% / 1W / 8Ohm , < 1 % / 70 W / 8Ohm
Gain bandwidth : +0, -3 dB : 5 Hz - 110 kHz

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