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High End 2008 Munich

April 24th - 27th, 2008

... Germany’s Duevel demonstrated the new flagship Sirius loudspeaker. Through special reflectors, the speaker disperses sound evenly from front to back. We listened to it at length and liked what we heard so much that we're hoping samples make it over to North America for a future review.

Thomas Fast is quite the gregarious type who loves to smile and that seemed perfectly fine with everyone walking into this excellent sounding space. That's because Thomas Fast knows his shit. Fast's personality is larger than the poster that bears his photo.
... No matter the setup, room or loudspeaker, Fast's setups always get high marks year in and year out. This show was no exception with a favorite loudspeaker in the new omni-directional Duevel Sirius loudspeakers. ...

Duevel Sirius

More world premieres as Duevel’s prototype of their Sirius should be available in a month or so. It has a 12-inch paper cone for bass, with neodymium magnet. The tweeter/midrange is pure titanium compression driver with special plating to make the driver stiffer. Frequency response is from 30Hz to 20kHz with a high 93dB/W/m sensitivity. ... The loudspeaker comes in various wood finishes or virtually any custom color to match your home’s décor.

Markus Duevel showed his new Sirius speaker in the Thomas Fast room, with mister chrome dome
-- Thomas is one of those energetic and very sweet guys -- doing the DJ bit.
He'd swap from the short-wall Acoustic System/AMR rig to the long-wall Duevel/Karan setup and even sneak in the futuristic Belgian Synthese speakers at times. It was all about maximizing exposure. Needless to say, his space was booby-trapped - erm, sugar-cubed and resonatored to the hilt.

I have not heard such dynamics for a long time – a novelty from Duevel, the loudspeakers Sirius. This is really something. The turntable is a modified Garrard Model 501.

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