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Great Britan - October 2007

Ian Harris

'Duevel's distinctive Bella Luna Diamante speakers may not be new to the UK market; indeed, they have formed the core of the German company's range of distinctive omnidirectional speakers for a number of years now.'

'For those who prefer their musical fix to be acoustic, the Bella Luna also excelled at uncovering the rich yet subtle low-frequency harmonics of both cello and piano in a truly natural organic manner. At the other end of the scale, high frequencies had a tremendous sense of energy, providing impressive levels of low-level detail and excellent transient impact. This gave the Duevel speaker a great affinity for tempo and musical nuance, uncovering the tiniest rhythmic flourishes with ease.'

'As with the Planets, the Bella Luna Diamante demonstrated spatial capabilities on a par with the very finest anywhere near their price point, while also providing a larger sweet spot and a very welcome flexibility in positioning.'

Bella Luna loudspeaker review