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Athens November 2003 High End Show

The 8th High End Show, organized by "Organica Expo", has taken place on 21-23 November 2003, at the Park Hotel-Athens.

Room 109:CD Acoustics Duevel 'Bella Luna', driven by 'Pathos In Power' produced, as expected, a very good overall result, pleasing and open, with good harmonic content. Analogue, one of the best of the show, was provided by a Pluto Audio 12A - Pluto 5A - Clearaudio 'Insider' tt/arm/cart combo, and Clearaudio 'Pathos In The Groove' phono stage. Digital by Burmester Rondo 992, all cabling by Nordost 'Valhalla' & 'Quatrofil'. We were very impressed by this satisfying set up that could please both the 'realistically inclined' and 'musically inclined' audiophiles.

Athens November 2002 High End Show

The 6th High End Show 2002, organized by "Extreme AV" magazine, took place on the 22th to 24th of November 2002 at the Park Hotel-Athens, enjoying great success although reduced in size.

Room 113: In this room we had a chance to meet one of the designers of Pluto turntables Mr. Eddy Driessen. We had an interesting conversation regarding the Pluto designs, arms and cartridge compatibility.
In the same room we had the chance to audition a demonstration of the Clearaudio disc ring. This ring can be easily inserted on most turntables and holds the perimeter of the record in a way that creates a positive audible difference. The improvement was dramatic in the low and mid-low frequencies, becoming fuller and more transparent at the same time.
The system was as follows: Bela Luna - Audio Acoustic speakers, driven by the Klimo Beltrain amps and Klimo Merlin preamplifier. Source was of course the Pluto 12A with the 5A arm and the Clearaudio insider cartridge. All equipment were placed on an Audio Magic rack, connected with Valhala cables. A well balanced system with very good dynamics. ARCO thought, this was the best sound of the Show.

Athens November 2000 High End Show

The 4rd Hiend Show 2000 , organized by "Extreme AV" magazine, took place on the 25th to 26th of November 2000 at the Hilton Hotel-Athens, enjoying the greatest success of all the hi-end Shows organized in Greece so far. (Very good sound, many visitors and lots and lots of hi-class equipment). It is worth mentioning that during the opening day, on Saturday, it was raining like hell but still crowds of people turned out and filled up the hotel rooms - unbelievable !!!
CD Acoustics (M. Duevel) Jupiter speakers, driven by Klimo Beltaine mono amplifiers and Klimo Merlin LS preamplifier. Micromega Data/Dialog was the digital source combination. The analog source consisted of Pluto 12A turntable with the Pluto 2A arm and the Clearaudio insider reference cartridge, amplified by Clearaudio phono stage, a front end of another class. Speaker cables by Nordost SPM and interconnects Nordost Quatrofil. May be the best sound in the Show.

Athens October 1999 Sound & Vision Show

The 5th Sound & Vision Show 1999, organized by "Sound & Hifi" magazine, took place on the 28th to 31st of October 1999 at Hilton Hotel-Athens. The Hiend show took place on the 3rd floor and the Vision Show took place on the 4th floor of the hotel.
They had many vinyl set-ups. The CD Acoustics speakers (2,000,000drms), driven by the KR enterprise model "Kronzila" integrated amplifier (T-1610 huge valves 150W, custom made for high power + phono stage) or the KR premodel 3 preamplifier. Analog source was the Clearaudio "master reference" turntable (3,600,000drms arm incl.) with 3 identical motors driving the platter and the "insider gold" cartridge(2,250,000drms), mounted on the Clearaudio unniversary linear arm. Speaker cable was the Nordost "SPM" bicable (USA). System seated on racks by Audiomagic Production (Denmark). May be the best sound in the Show. At the back of the top photograph top model of Audiophysic is shown, the Medea (9,000,000drms).

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